2016 February 1
2016 February 1
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EVVA EPS six-pin locking system with patented complex double key profile. In order to unlock the cylinder, bottom and side cut-outs of the key must match together, otherwise blockage of the cylinder occurs in three places (when the key is fully rotated, i.e. 360 degrees).
The main peculiarities of EPS system
The patented locking system, the patented double key profile (the patent is valid until 2026);
Legal, technical and organisational protection of the key against illegal copying. In order to obtain the key copy the customer must provide the key and identification card;
The 6th (top) safety class in accordance with the main European standard that regulates the quality and safety of cylinders EN 1303:2005;
Wear-resistant key made of nickel-silver alloy;
Possibility to make complex and large systems of central key and to integrate the locks of different types into one system, i.e. door locks, post-box locks, padlocks.
Kombi is the integrated possibility of mechanical and electronic key;
Suitable for fire doors.
The safety of EVVA EPS cylinder.
The EVVA EPS cylinder has the following protective elements:
Double protection against cylinder perforation;
Protection against unlocking with a passkey;
Protection against unlocking with electric manipulator;
Protection against unlocking which can be done when the bumping method is applied;
Protection against the key selection and scanning;
Additional side locking mechanism that guarantees control of the profile, additional protection against key selection, unlocking with a passkey and unlocking which can be done when the bumping method is applied;
Protection against overpass of the cylinder, i.e. pulling out its internal part;
Blockage of the cylinder in three positions when the degree of locking is equal to 360o.
In accordance with the main European standard that regulates the safety of cylinders of locks EN 1303:2005 EVVA EPS the cylinder is certified for the 6th (top) safety class and the 2nd (top) class against brutal overpass.
EVVA EPS keys protection against illegal copying.
EVVA EPS has the three levels protection against illegal copying of keys. All these protection elements reinforce each other:
Organisational protection – if the customer wants to have the copy of EPS keys, he must present the key and identification card;
Legal protection – EPS keys are patented and EVVA provides legal liability for the illegal copying of the keys;
Technical protection – special high-precision machine tools are necessary in order to make the copies of EPS keys, therefore on purpose to make illegal copy big amount of money is needed to be invested in expensive equipment, but it is profitless affair.
Latest technologies
EVVA develops future products today.
Thanks to unique solutions and huge investments that are focused on the automation of the production process in the company‘s factory that is located in Vienna helped EVVA to win numerous international awards. Some of them are listed below:
Mercury awards for innovations for 3KS system;
National Innovations Award for MCS system;
Leonardo award for the best solution of production automation;
The Green Economy Award – for the modular conception of cylinders;
Green award – for the successful environmental projects;
EN 1303 and VdS certificates;
ISO – 9001 certificate. EVVA is the first European company of this sector that got ISO-9001 certificate;
Permanent new international patents.
EVVA means:
The keys which are protected against illegal copying;
Only patented products are sold in Lithuania;
Only the cylinders of the 6th (top) safety class in accordance with the EN 1303 standard are sold in Lithuania;
Worldwide leader of innovations in the field of the cylinders of locks;
Mechanical, electronic and electro-motoric cylinders;
Possibility to integrate mechanical and electronic locks in one locking system;
Possibility to use only one key for locking and unlocking of all locks – from post-box to bank strong-room;
Unsprung system 3 KS that has no parallel;
Unique system of magnetic code MCS.

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