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2016 February 1
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EVVA 3KS is the most famous and probably the best EVVA product of all times. It won several international award and is considered one of the best cylinders of locks in the world. EVVA 3KSplus is the unique patented unsprung locking system that performs key checking even in four positions. Unlike conventional locking systems, the internal components of EVVA 3 KS plus cylinder pass through the internal keyways and this process takes place without the aid of springs. Unsprung locking system guarantees the biggest resistance to wear and an absolute protection against unlocking with a passkey.
the main peculiarities of EVVA 3KS plus system are listed below:
Unique unsprung system of three lines;
Top protection against all known methods of cylinder overcome;
The internal components of the cylinder are coated with Teflon, therefore the cylinder is highly resistant to wear;
The cylinder is protected against the impact of sea water and salts;
The cylinder is insensitive to dust and even ice;
The cylinder can be used in chemically aggressive environment;
Resistant to wear, convenient key made of nickel silver alloy, the key is characterised by reversible insertion in to the cylinder;
Verification of the key match is performed even in four positions, and respectively its blockage is performed in two positions;
Up to 30 billion of key combinations;
Patented key system and multilevel key profile (patent is valid until 2025);
Legal, technical and organisational protection of the key against illegal copying;
Possibility to make huge systems of the central key which integrate thousands of doors;
Reversible insertion of the key into the cylinder;
Kombi means the possibility of integration of mechanical and electronic key into one product;
Suitable for fire door.
3KS plus safety of cylinder
EVVA 3KSplus has the following protections:
The unique dual coding system that consists of 12 complex-shaped pins with misleading mortises;
The 5 levels protection against perforation of the cylinder.
Blocking of the cylinder even in 2 positions;
100% protection against unlocking with a passkey;
100% protection against unlocking with electric manipulator;
100 % protection against unlocking which can be done when the bumping method is applied;
Maximum protection against selection, scanning of the key and unlocking of the cylinder with other electronic tools;
Protection against overpass of the cylinder by pulling out its internal part.
In accordance with the main European standard that regulates the quality and safety of cylinders EN 1303:2005, EVVA 3KS plus cylinder is certified for the 6th (top) safety class or the 2nd (top) class against brutal overpass.
The top class C of corrosion resistance in accordance with the RN 1303 standard.
EVVA 3KSplus keys protection against illegal copying.
During development of EVVA3KS plus the company EVVA was strongly focused on the key protection, i.e. almost complete prevention of the possibility of making the illegal copy of 3KSplus.
EVVA 3KSplus has the three levels protection against illegal copying of keys. All these protection elements reinforce each other:
Organisational protection – if the customer wants to have the copy of 3KSplus keys, he must present the key and identification card;
Legal protection – 3KSplus keys are patented and EVVA provides legal liability for the illegal copying of the keys;
Technical protection – special high-precision machine tools are necessary in order to make the copies of 3KSplus keys, therefore on purpose to make illegal copy big amount of money is needed to be invested in expensive equipment, but it is profitless affair.
The latest technologies.
EVVA develops future products today. Thanks to unique solutions and huge investments that are focused on the automation of the production process in the company‘s factory that is located in Vienna helped EVVA to win numerous international awards. Some of them are listed below:
Mercury awards for innovations for 3KS system;
National Innovations Award for MCS system;
Leonardo award for the best solution of production automation;
The Green Economy Award – for the modular conception of cylinders;
Green award – for the successful environmental projects;
EN 1303 and certificates;
ISO – 9001 certificate. EVVA is the first European company of this sector that got ISO-9001 certificate;
Permanent new international patents.

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