2016 February 1
ISEO/FIAM 612 DF 1+5
ISEO/FIAM 612 DF 1+5
2016 February 1
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• Nucleo Compact allows changing of locking combination of the lock the unlimited number of times. If the keys owner loses them or if he suspects that someone could make the copy of the keys, he will be able to avoid changing the lock. All he will need to do is to change Nucleo Compact cartridge. This can be done very simply and quickly. After replacement of Nucleo Compact cartridge the lock owner gets new locking mechanism of the lock and new keys.
• The 7th (top) class of the lock safety in accordance with EN 12209 and fire certificate.
• The patented system MOTTURA ANTIDECO II protects against unlocking with a passkey.
• Five powerful stoppers manage to withstand lateral compressive strength of up to 1,5 ton (15 kN).
• Standard lock is supplied with tempered manganese steel protection of 2 mm that protects the most important points of lock against perforation.
• The set contains 5 asymmetric keys with ergonomic heads made of rubber and plastic mixture.
• Three-way locking with two key turns.
• 3 years guarantee and free service 24 hours per day during the warranty period.

MOTTURA – the global leading manufacturer of armoured door locks. The company was established in 1972. The company produces the safest locks for armoured doors. Since MOTTURA locks are designed specifically for the armoured doors, each part of the lock was made in a manner that resulted in a maximum security.

MOTTURA doesn‘t act within the limits of top safety standards. The locks produced by the company substantially exceed these standards. This fact was confirmed by the tests which were carried out during certification process.
ISEO/FIAM 612 DF 1+5
• „Nursemaid“ key unlocks the lock only by first two key turns, whereas standard keys unlock the lock by all four turns, i.e. if the lock is locked with four key turns „nursemaid“ key will not unlock it. The lock that was locked with „nursemaid“ key always can be unlocked with the main key. In case you will give the „nursemaid“ key to constructors, nursemaid, cleaned and etc., you will know that those people who have the „nursemaid“ key or its copy won‘t be able to unlock the lock that was locked with four key turns.
• In accordance with EN 12209 the lock is certified for the 7th (top) safety class.
• The locking mechanism consists of 6 plates.
• Tempered steel diverting square protected against perforation.
• Especially robust fastening of stopper to the main plate of the lock.
• Three-way locking with four key turns.
• The set contains 5 asymmetric keys with pull-on rubber heads.
• 3 years guarantee and free service 24 hours a day during the warranty period.
• In order to achieve the maximum safety level, tempered manganese steel protection DEFENDER 52 that ensures protection against perforation of the lock body is recommended together with this lock.
ISEO is the company that was established in Italy in 1969. Originally the company acted as the manufacturer of cylinders, doors and padlocks. Today ISEO is one of the biggest companies in Europe that acts in the sector of locks manufacturing. The annual production capacity of the company‘s factory that is located in Italy alone is 11 million cylinders.

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