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Dorma Protective RING
2016 February 1
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Dorma DL 9192

Dorma DL 9192


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DL 9192

The lock of two functions, i.e. normal and security. Security function prevents the indoor unlocking of the lock with the internal shutter.
• In accordance with EN 12209 the lock is certified for the 5th safety class.
• Integrated protection against perforation of the lock body.
• Protection against corrosion, class 4 in accordance with EN 1670 (withstands 240 hours of spraying with salt solution)
• Protection against manipulation (latch shoving) – TR29
• Tempered steel hook.
• Stainless steel trigger.
• The lock is locked by the 360 degree key turn.
• The colour of the front lock plate is matt chrome.
• Protection against the lock compression during cylinder mounting.
• The handle is always in the horizontal position.
• Suitable for the fire-door.
• The least number of the lock testing cycles is 200000.

In accordance with EN 1303 the cylinders are certified for the class 6 (top safety class).
• Patented key profile. This means that the key is protected against illegal copying. The patent is valid until 2030.
• Normally are supplied with 5 keys.
• Protection against the cylinder affection which can be done when the bumping method is applied.
• Safe and precise system of 7 locks.
• The type of cylinder: one-sided oval.
• Coatings: chrome, matte chrome, matte bras, graphite.

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